Chairman, engineer, art-supporter and avid Noteshelf-er!

Dario Amara - Noteshelf Star

We take great pleasure in introducing to you our Noteshelf Star Mr. Dario Amara, a passionate civil engineer, and builder who heads Collier Homes. With nearly 40 years of business experience, he is a wizard with a magic touch! He recently purchased a sixty-year-old residential building business, Collier Homes and we are absolutely positive he will craft it into a valuable real estate diamond! He is also a passionate supporter of arts and has served on numerous arts boards like “The Art Gallery of Western Australia”, “The West Australian Opera Company”, “Perth International Arts Festival” as a chairman and board member. Dario Amara is an Evernote Community Leader in Australia, as he has a strong passion for embracing technology to improve workflows and productivity.”

He is a Noteshelf-er from our initial days and he continues to use Noteshelf 2 to this day. We were curious to know how he got to use Noteshelf and here is what he had to say,

“ My quest to find a digital replacement for my much loved Moleskine + Leuchtturm notebooks took me on a journey a few years ago to research and settle on the closest thing to real paper + pen + to go quasi-paperless. In the end, I settled on Noteshelf (Classic) and now Noteshelf2”

Why Noteshelf and not the others.

  1. Superior paper + ink experience (especially with my iPad Pro, Apple Pencil + Paperlike screen protector.)
  2. Tight integration with Evernote <hyperlink to Evernote article>
  3. Export options + ease.
  4. Support responsiveness

Dario Amara explains why Noteshelf 2

A glimpse of the types of notes he takes

  1. Journal / daily records
  2. Ideas / concepts / sketching
  3. Board packs (PDF) with annotations
  4. Personal handwritten notes on custom stationery to friends, associates, and family
  5. Personalized greeting cards
  6. Plans / designs (PDF) with annotations
  7. Minutes of meetings for fast distribution
  8. Action lists

All his notes are synchronized to his Evernote account as it provides,

  1. Easy backup
  2. Powerful search
  3. Access on the fly from multiple devices.

Types of notes Dario Amara takes in Noteshelf 2

Dario has his favorites!

Here are his 5 favorite features:

  1. User interface/ friendliness
  2. Ink experience
  3. Tight integration with Evernote
  4. Stationery (covers and papers)
  5. Notebook structure/ flexibility

Favourites of Dario Amara in Noteshelf 2

“We are delighted—Dario Amara loves Noteshelf 2”

Dario Amara loves Noteshelf 2


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