Beautiful handwriting on Instagram

In the spirit of the National Handwriting Day on January 23rd, we set out to search for beautiful and inspiring handwritten notes on Instagram. We even tried to replicate their style within Noteshelf and had a blast doing this. Here are some highlights. We hope these inspire you to add some elements of style to your own handwritten notes in Noteshelf!


Meet Grace, someone who has been through about 1234837454 phases of wanting to do something different, but then narrowed it down to two things: a pediatric physical therapist or a bio/chem teacher.She is a biology major from Hofstra University. She is in love with bullet journaling since April ’16! #PrideBulletJournal

Ah! The italicised handwriting and the layout of this bujo! We tried our luck with italics and this layout in Noteshelf 2—this is how it looked!

Bullet Journal Rendition in Noteshelf 2


Liz Pierson, is a total Ninja! She leaves breadcrumbs of her presence in Instagram but we know nothing about her! Her creations are fluid, simple and elegant! #Bonjournal_

We simply couldn’t resist recreating this awe-stonishing style of linking text and illustration! We confess, we traced the statue of liberty in Noteshelf 2!

Checklist Rendition in Noteshelf 2


Alec Fischer is a multifaceted person! He is an award-winning director, content creator, and a social media influencer.He has a great sense of visual harmony in his journals. #fischrjournals

Pixels…in love with the way Alec has represented it. We were inspired to recreate this in Noteself 2, check it out! We must say the checked pages were handy!

Task Tracker Rendition in Noteshelf 2


A future doctor with a print-like handwriting! Look at the lettering, just so perfect!Hmmm.. she is challenging our stereotype about doctors. #Studytee

Its awesome how using highlights on either sides of text can give the appearence of a heading! We too tried it out!

BTW, we love Sir Isacc Newton, cartoons and our version of inertia!

Digital Notes Rendition in Noteshelf 2


It took a while to dig up the name, Gert it is! The brush-effect has created an amazing feel in this creation.In love with this brush-style. #pepperandtwine

Our in-house artist had a perfect idea to recreate this in Noteshelf 2! He was so excited that he went ahead and dropped an easter egg 😆 in his work!

Visual Notes Rendition in Noteshelf 2

It was an energy-filled fun day at the office! Discovered some people with amazing handwriting on Instagram and our office as well!

Do you have recommendations of Instagrammers with beautiful handwriting that we should follow? Post their Insta handle in comments below.

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