Apple’s Schoolwork app and Noteshelf 2 in classrooms!

“Apple Classrooms of Tomorrow

and our two pence to this initiative.” 

Apple is helping teachers unleash the creative potential in every student. Student iPad with ‘Classroom’ & ‘Schoolwork’ apps will help teachers in managing digital classrooms.

Schoolwork is a new iPad app for teachers and students to help keep track of assignments and student progress. Apple had invited us to try out the ‘ClassKit’ API, and integrate Noteshelf 2 with Schoolwork a couple of months ago. We gave it a spin and boy, we are amazed by what it could do!

Educational institutes who are subscribed to the Apple School program can now use Noteshelf 2 with Schoolwork app. With this integration, teachers can create their assignments and submit them to Schoolwork from within Noteshelf 2. Teachers can then create assignments using the Schoolwork app and make it available for students to download. Students can download the assignments from the Schoolwork app directly into Noteshelf 2.

Noteshelf 2 and Schoolwork in classrooms

We are sure Apple will add more to this initiative and we will follow suit. If your institute is subscribed to the Apple School program, we would love to work closely with you in making this even better. Do write to us at noteshelf(at)fluidtouch(dot)biz.

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