7 Ways to Make Your Studies More Fun – Easy Learning Tips

Thinking about our elementary school days brings a bright smile to our faces, doesn’t it? The fun-filled learning back then used to get us so excited for school every morning. But, as we grew up and advanced to higher classes, we had to focus more on academics and less on fun. This redundant process of gobbling up chunks of text and purging it during examinations made studying more stressful than it should be. This makes students lose motivation in studying and get distracted easily.

Tips to make your studies fun

Why should learning be fun?

We all can agree that it’s not easy to get motivated, especially when we have to attend repetitive classes. This continuous loop of boring lectures causes boredom and lack of interest in studies for many students. Not only this, it also makes students procrastinate a lot. But, adding a little fun factor and easy learning tips in your studies will definitely keep you on the learning track. The positive impact that fun has on the learning process will make you more engaged with your studies.

Judy Willis, a neurobiologist, suggests in her book that fun experiences while learning increase levels of endorphins and dopamine that promote learning. Including a few easy learning tips will make you curious about learning something new each day.

Tips to make learning fun

Follow these easy learning tips to spice up your boring study sessions.

1. Be creative 

Doodling is something we all have done in our classrooms to beat the boring lectures. Doodling and sketching for your note-taking can be engaging and also boost creativity. For instance, sketchnotes are a great way to make learning interesting. Doodling helps to concentrate and alleviates stress, especially for visual learners.

2. Focus on different learning styles 

Identify your learning style, look for easy learning tips that you find enjoyable and suitable. You can choose from visual learning, logical learning, verbal learning, and many more. Just to give you an idea, the use of flashcards, sketchnotes, and mind-maps are quite fun to create and easy to study.

3. Include technology in your studies 

A variety of learning apps are available in the market. You can play educational games and quizzes to make learning fun. Many students use apps like Noteshelf to create engaging notes. Multiple pens, colors, and template options let you create beautiful notes. You can also share your notes on study communities in social media platforms for inspiration.

Noteshelf for easy learning

4. Focus on the practical application of your learning   

Don’t you agree that learning should be for knowledge and not for just getting good grades? You will have fun doing the real-life experiments and will achieve practical knowledge too. Simple science experiments, writing contests, or the use of real-world mathematics are exciting. It will make you understand the purpose of the knowledge.

5. Conduct group studies 

Group studies can give you a new learning perspective along with some added fun moments. You learn new study skills and break your monotonous study routine. Group studies with friends provide moral support and an enjoyable learning experience. Moreover, you get to meet and bond with new people as well.

Tips to make ypur studies fun

6. Celebrate your achievements

Whether winning a small class quiz or getting good grades in your finals, always acknowledge your achievements. The power of small wins will shape you for greater goals. Celebrate even the smallest win and reward yourself. This will keep you hooked and you’ll aim for higher goals, and of course, it would be exciting.

7. Create your learning games 

Most of us don’t enjoy being a bookworm. We kind of lose our attention span somewhere in the middle and realize it after a while. Try playing some fun study games instead and also get some easy learning tips. Do online math quizzes or create some fun learning games of your own. You can play a quiz game with one of your friends or create a vocabulary contest. Either way, you can have fun while learning. 

Final thoughts

For most of the students, learning has just become a pathway to achieve anything rather than gaining knowledge. But, what’s the point of learning something when you are not excited about it. Students should be more excited about learning new things, instead of just focusing on getting good grades. Most people lose the excitement of learning something new amidst the journey. These easy tips will help you revive your interest in learning again and make the process enjoyable and fruitful.

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