7 Ways to Create Beautiful Study Notes

When you think of study notes, you think of lots of tiny text and use of dull annotations in your notebook. But that’s how notes should be like, right? Actually, no! Student notes don’t always have to be just text and annotations. There are many fun ways in which you can beautify your notes and make them look more interesting.

As a student, it is important to create study notes that would always keep you motivated and focused. Just digging into the note-taking realm will make you realize how productive your study notes can be. For instance, when you search for the hashtag #studygram on Instagram, you will find thousands of study-related posts, each with a unique style of note-taking. You can also give your unique spin to your study notes and get the grades you’re aiming for. Thanks to iPads and tablets, we can now take our notes digitally.  If you want to nail the digital note-taking trend, then Noteshelf is an excellent option for creating and organizing your notes at a single place. You can get everything at your fingertips without a ton of stationery required!


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To make your notes more fun and engaging, you can try using one or more of these tips-

1. Using visuals

Studies have shown that visual learning helps in retaining information for a longer period. You can add some creativity to your notes by adding a few doodles and shapes if you are a visual learner. Even if drawing is not your forte, you can still create perfect shapes with the Auto-shapes tool in Noteshelf. With the lasso tool you can rotate or resize your image easily.

2. Using highlighters 

Color coding can stimulate the creative part of your brain and through highlighting the text you can illustrate your key points easily. You can use different highlighters to color code and add an extra pleasing element to your study notes. Noteshelf provides hundreds of highlighters options with different nib sizes. Read more about the uses of highlighters.

3. Audio recording the lectures 

For big lectures where it gets difficult to note all the points in time, try recording the lecture instead! This way, you can refer to the lecture later on and make note of the points you missed in class. In the Noteshelf app, you can also add a recorded file in your notebook along with your notes.

4. Drawing or adding images  

You can enhance the readability and beauty of your study notes by adding a few diagrams or using some images, such as in sketchnotes. But, you also need a lot of stationery for that. You can minimize the stationary use by using digital notebooks where you get multiple pen types and color options. You can also trace any image to create beautiful labelled diagrams without putting a lot of effort.

5. Using different paper templates   

The use of different paper templates adds aesthetic beauty to your study notes. Also, it becomes quite easy to create subject-wise notes and visualize them later. Creating multiple notebooks and organizing them is again a hectic task. To get multiple templates in one place, you can try Noteshelf and keep your study notes organized.

6. Hand-lettering 

To jazz up your notes, you can try hand-lettering for headings and subheadings of your study notes. It not only looks stunning but helps in illustrating points in your notes. With a stylus, you can try hand lettering in Noteshelf too. Here’s a video on how Emily Butler does hand lettering on Noteshelf.

7. Identify your Note-taking style  

If you want to create productive notes then you need to identify your note-taking style first, whether it’s sketchnotes, cornell notes, mind mapping, etc., or your personal style of note-taking. Simply writing down notes will not be helpful, try to engage with it while creating so you would retain it for a longer period.


Study notes handwritten


If you are an avid note-taker, then making your notes more colorful and attractive will create a visual impact on others too. Identify your personal style of note-taking or follow any other note-taking method, it should be creative, eye-catching and engaging. Note-taking tends to stimulate the part of the brain involved in learning. Studies have shown that including visuals in your notes can increase retention by 29-42%.

So now, don’t just jot your notes down. Bring your vivid imagination to life and make your note-taking process fun and exciting. After all, the visual experience and aesthetic is what brings attention to the notes, right?

Stay tuned for more interesting articles. Happy note-taking!


7 ways to create beautiful study notes

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