7 Reasons Why Practical Learning Is Important To Students

“Knowledge is of no value unless you put it into practice.” – Anton Chekhov

The world of education has changed. In today’s education, a student focuses on learning skills and gaining knowledge. Practical learning has replaced the bookish education in many ways. Though theoretical education is important, practical education is the key to understand life better.

Can anyone teach you to swim in a classroom? The answer is impossible. You should get into the situation to learn a few things with expertise. These skill-based learnings change students into successful individuals. Theory gives you good grades but only if you apply practical learning to it, only then actually become knowledgeable. 

Why is Practical Learning more important?

Promotes Self-learning: Your thought process slowly matures in this process. The seed of practical education should be sown right from the beginning. A student understands and imbibes a practical approach which changes his learning style. This way of practical learning boosts your confidence levels too. 

Powerful Memory Tool: Practical learning is a powerful memory tool. It’s always said and proved that you remember something better when you do it on your own. With good practice and experience comes great memory. Let’s take an example of car driving. When you learn while driving and practice it well, you can learn it better. 

Deep Understanding: In theoretical education, students are passive and slow learners. Many students fail to memorise and often end up mugging their notes. On the other hand, practical education makes students understand the concepts at a different level. It makes you active learners. There will always be clarity in the thought process too. 

Improves Skill Set: Bookish knowledge helps you to pass an exam but it needs the right skills to perform a job. Why are new employees trained before they start their job? To polish their skills and brush up their basics before they start off. Skills play a major role in a person’s development. This practical approach is a boost to your analytical skills. You can understand and analyse better.

Handle Real Problems: The main motto of practical learning is to shape you into a better individual. If you are theoretically strong, you will just be an employee who knows how to operate. But if you are capable enough to manage and solve real life problems and deal with situations, you can become the boss. This is the difference between an employee and his boss. If students are exposed to practical learning from a young age, they’ll apply it later in their jobs and become a pro in what they do.

Boosts Interest to Learn: What’s more interesting? A classroom lecture or a field trip.  For students learning should be made interesting and fun. Classroom learning and examinations make students pressurised. Learning is not about grades and targets. A learning environment has to be created where they can practically understand what they’ve listened to in class. For example, a chemistry class becomes more interesting when the students are taken to a lab where they can understand the reactions. 

Interactive approach: Practical education is not one-sided like theoretical education where students are fed with lectures. When students think and understand on their own, they come up with many doubts. Clarifying doubts and making it an interactive session helps students understand more. The inputs from students are a great source of understanding their level of thinking. Teachers should surely incorporate interactive sessions in practical education.

Start Practical Learning today

Education is a significant asset which reflects in a person’s life forever. Not just for grades and jobs, good education makes you a responsible human being too. Practical education is a best way to gain knowledge and skills to manage things. To survive in this competitive world and enhance your skills, you need to learn everyday. Books give you knowledge but experience teaches you life lessons. Trial and error method is the best way when it comes to practical learning. You will learn from your mistakes and will never repeat them again. There are a lot of hard things you can learn by practically doing and experiencing it. 

“I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand.” – Confucius


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