3 features minimalists love in Noteshelf 2

Imagine a life with less clutter, less stuff, fewer distractions. What would it look like?

By Joshua Fields Millburn,
The Minimalists

If minimalism is something new to you, do check out The Minimalists website—you’ll surely fall in love with this concept.

With so many features, covers/papers and writing tools to choose from, Noteshelf is nowhere close to a minimalistic app. However, Noteshelf offers so much customization that you can configure it for minimalism. Below are the top 3 features minimalists love in Noteshelf.

Distraction-free Toolbar

A minimal light theme and a minimal dark theme for the toolbar.

Minimal and Distraction-free dark and light theme Noteshelf 2

Using one of Noteshelf’s colorful toolbar options can add fun to your note-taking; but if you spend long hours in Noteshelf, the toolbar color can be a source of distractionsomething that does not stand out as much is more suitable. We’ve recently introduced 2 minimal-looking dark and light toolbar colors for this exact reason. Try them out at you next note-taking marathon!

How To: To choose either of these theme options, simply tap on the settings icon on the main shelf > Tap on Preferences > Choose your minimal light or minimal dark theme.

Pristine White Papers

A set of pure white paper templates. Minimal Pristine White Papers Noteshelf 2

What could be more minimal than pure white color! On popular demand, we recently released a downloadable pack of papers named “Pristine White” with all the basic paper templates on a pure white background.

You can either use our default off-white papers or these pure white papers for a minimal and distraction-free setup. However, most designers prefer pure white over off-white papers so the colors they write with are perceived more accurately. (Yes, we heard you!) Pick what you prefer the most!

How To: To download the Pristine White paper set, visit the free downloads section under the ‘Select Paper’ screen.

Minimal Color Palette

Search for minimal palettes from COLOURlovers.

Minimal Color Palette Noteshelf 2

Did you know that you could actually search for millions of pre-made color palettes from COLOURlovers on Noteshelf! A lesser-known feature in Noteshelf lets you search/import crowdsourced color palettes based on any keyword. We tried the keyword “minimal” and found a bunch of palettes that offer minimal-looking color palettes that you can add to your pen rack.

How To: Search for minimal color palette options by tapping on ‘edit’ in your existing color tray > Tap on ‘+’ sign > Tap on Palettes heading on top right > Search for ‘minimal’ or include them to complement your minimalist note-taking experience!

In short, a distraction-free toolbar + pristine white (or off-white) papers + minimal color palette together make a perfect note-taking environment for the minimalist in you. We’d love to hear your thoughts on this!


The Minimalists

The COLOURlovers

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