2018 Noteshelf Specials

2017 has been an amazing year for us as we brought in a brand-new app, Noteshelf 2 into the family. Noteshelf Club is this family, a family of awesome note-takers like you from around the world! And, in the heart of every family is a meaningful experience called tradition. It’s been a 7-year-old tradition in Noteshelf to give you New Year and Holiday stationery. This 2018 is special. Here are your holiday treats!

New 2018 Diary Templates

Studies show that keeping a diary can make you healthy and help achieve your goals faster. With this thought in mind, we have introduced a 2018 Diaries pack for our club members. The diaries pack includes papers resembling real paper dairies, pre-filled with a page for every day of the year! You could choose a neo-style or a classic look.  Experience a new-age look and feel to your diary with neo-style diaries. The classic diary style resembles the all-time favorite traditional page-a-day diary.

Now the icing on the cake — we have also included a bunch of 2018 covers to go with your diaries (or any other notebooks that are tagged to the year in some way).

Diaries 2018 Pack Covers in Noteshelf 2

Diaries 2018 Pack of Papers in Noteshelf 2

Holiday Stationery

The time of the ‘holidays and year-end celebrations’ is here! We give you the holiday-themed papers & covers. Download and choose from a wide range of options. We have everything from greeting card templates to fancy journal pages to festive-looking notebook covers. How about sending beautiful handwriting notes to your loved ones this Christmas??

Holiday 2018 Papers and Covers in Noteshelf 2

How to get them?

You can find all of these in the ‘Free Downloads’ section, exclusive to the Noteshelf Club members.

Noteshelf Club Free Downloads in Noteshelf 2


Happy Holidays, Happy New Year & Happy Note-Taking!

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